A New Moon For The Howling

Are werewolves the new vampires? They certainly seem to be having a big screen renaissance. Hot on the heels of the shaggy dog stories in New Moon and the Wolfman comes the news that ’80s horror franchise The Howling is due for a reboot.

According to Variety , “Indie producers Joel Kastelberg and Moonstone Entertainment's Etchie Stroh are re-launching the werewolf franchise as The Howling: Reborn. Former studio marketing exec Joe Nimziki, who worked at New Line, MGM and Sony, will make his feature directorial debut from his own script.”

The film is due to start filming in February 2010, with a release dta of Halloween pencilled in.

The original The Howling, released in 1981, was directed by Joe Dante and spawned six sequels.