A look at Ace Ventura Jr

Jim Carrey is long past the point of wanting to make sequels, so the mantle of madcap animal gumshoe has been handed over to Josh Flitter, who is playing Ace Ventura’s son.

Yes, all that you’ve heard is true – they have made a follow-up to Ace Ventura and it is about his son. To prove it, a shot of Flitter as Ace Jr has been dug up by Moviehole , who also have the poster. It’s either called Ace Ventura 3 or Ace Ventura Jr and sees the lad pick up where his father left off, since Daddy vanished years ago. Somehow, that still doesn’t shove it above, say, The Dark Knight on our Must Watch list, but we know there are Ace fans out there. It’s all your fault!