8 games that were all a dream

The only place for dreaminess in fighter combat is Maverick and Goose.

Above: HOT

The main character is the NEMO artificial intelligence, the very first AI to ever be installed in military hardware without instantly turning evil – which should have been your first sign it wasn't real.So far, so fun, until the final ending reveals that the entire game was a simulation.And when even your PlayStation takes the piss by telling you that the game was really just a game of a game, you're officially being bullied by your own hobbies.

This isn't just a cute twist, this is a psychological bombshell - you have to complete the full game five times to get the NEMO reveal.Who'd have thought a program named after a cartoon character that dreams would be a simulation?At that point finding out the whole thing was only a simulation of a simulation (or simulation squared) of fighter combat would be the exact opposite of being unplugged from the Matrix: you've learned that your entire world was a lie, and now you're even worse at everything than before.