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8 brilliant gaming deals under £50 for Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day 2018 Best Gaming Deals Under £50

There are some amazing Amazon Prime Day deals right now – including a whopping £600 off this fantastic Razer gaming laptop – but at the risk of stating the obvious not everyone has a spare £1599 to spend right now. I mean, you might not even have a spare £100. Or even enough for a cheeky Nandos, but… it's time to think strategically. Fast forward to a point when you will have cash to spend and will kick yourself for not picking up a PS Plus subscription for 50% off. Or when you're cursing your Nintendo Switch for a lack of storage space since you didn't pick up an official Micro SD card for the price of some socks. 

To save Future You from lamenting Current You's lack of foresight, we've pulled together all the top bargains for under £50 (or significantly less). These are the discounted subscriptions, accessories and cases that every PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC owner will buy at some stage - and now is the right time to invest to make a longer-term saving.

1. 15 months of PlayStation Plus for £34.99 (was £69.98)
If you own a PS4 this is an essential purchase and arguably the greatest value deal of all Prime Day. PS Plus will deliver around 60 free games over the next 15 months, so… it's a dozy. Don't forget: PS Plus deals can be stacked, so this offer becomes active when you're current subscription ends. Cost: £34.99 Value: 10/10View Deal

2. Logitech Bluetooth Mouse for £37.99 (was £79.99)
Grab a whopping 53% off this wireless gaming mouse for PC / Mac by trusted hardware manufacturer Logitech. With multi-device pairing, the ability to use the mouse on virtually any surface and 40 days of power on a single charge, this is bargain upgrade. Cost: £37.99 Value: 8/10View Deal

3. Xbox Live 3 months + £10 credit for £14.99 (was £24.99)
Another essential deal for Xbox One and Xbox One X owners that virtually pays for itself. With £10 of free store credit, you're effectively paying £4.99 for 3 months of Xbox Live Gold membership (giving you online multiplayer, free games, store discounts, party chat and more). Cost: £14.99 Value: 9/10View Deal

4. Logitech G430 Gaming Headset for £29.99 (was £69.99)
The perfect mid-range headset for online gaming on PS4, Xbox and PC. Features include Dolby 7.1 surround sound, on-cable volume controls and a generous 3-metre cable. You won't find a comfier, more practical, gaming headset at this price. Perfect for Fortnite players, too, if you're getting started out. Cost: £29.99 Value: 8/10View Deal

5. Nintendo Switch 64GB Micro SD for £16.99 (was £36.99)
Nintendo Switch has only 32GB of internal memory, so this triples your storage at a stroke. The average Switch game is 2GB to 8GB in size and this bargain Micro SD card will hold 10 games or more. Samsung's card is fully SDXC compatible, but half the price of an official SanDisk 64GB card. Buy - and save - with confidence. Cost: £16.99 Value: 7/10.View Deal

6. Anker Powercore Battery Block for £26.34 (was £32.99)
There are cheaper portable chargers but Anker are a market-leading brand (rated 4.6/5 on Amazon) with super-fast charging technology. This'll power up your iPhone 8 seven times without a re-charge, and is perfect for topping up your Nintendo Switch on-the-go, although you'll need to pick up a separate USB-C cable. Cost: £26.34 Value: 7/10.View Deal

7. USB-C Anker charging cable 3-feet for £5.99 (was £19.99)
And… in a perfect segueway, here's the ideal USB-C cable for your Nintendo Switch (or tablet or phone) to attach to your portable charger. These are double-braided nylon with a life-time warranty, and a total steal at this price. Cost: £5.99 Value: 9/10. View Deal

8. Toshiba 1TB External Hard Drive for £39.99 (was £52.24)
Our top budget pick for best PS4 external hard drive just became a bigger bargain - if you can snap this up before Prime Day ends. This USB 3.0 portable drive will double - or quadruple - your PS4 or PS4 Pro storage space. Plug it in and go. You'll thank yourself for snapping one up, especially if you want more space to store all those free PS Plus games. Cost: £39.99 Value: 8/10.View Deal

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