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6 ludicrous (to us) reasons China is banning sexy game ads

Okay, so what if they’re not amateurs OR porn stars? Still a problem? Yep. Cosplay is still a very niche hobby in the West, even for E3 booth babes. Chinese games, however, constantly use girls dressed up in armored bras to promote their fantasy worlds. As you can see in the above pic, there is also an occasional dude inserted. Although his purpose might be to attract some female players, he more likely exists to help guys see a place for themselves in a world where women are everywhere.

These smoking-hot models have been subjected to plenty of scrutiny even when they’re not porn stars or sex scandal starlets. Will they corrupt the youth? That depends on the site you visit, but there seem to be plenty of Chinese bloggers who are furious that scantily clad women dressed up as video game characters are commonly used to attract young male gamers. Using beautiful women to promote games is often viewed as a practice that will lead to a generation of immoral and unproductive men. We’re actually a little fuzzy on whether that’s any different from using them to promote every other thing in the history of civilization, but it’s their country, not ours.