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50 Sexiest Movie Characters

Princess Leia (Star Wars)

The Character: The feisty princess has far more pep than your average royal, and she knows how to wear a bikini to boot. Even her brother fancies her.

Sexiest Quality: Her refusal to be intimidated by any of the Galaxy’s many space-baddies. Spunky.

Aragorn (The Lord Of The Rings)

The Character: A shadowy ranger turned all-powerful monarch, Aragorn is the consummate warrior and the ultimate alpha male. Feel the testosterone!

Sexiest Quality: His beard. Everybody can get behind a bearded king.

Sugar Kane (Some Like It Hot)

The Character: With a name like a Bond Girl and the figure to match, Marilyn Monroe’s jaw-dropping crooner is just about as disarming as they come. No wonder Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon find themselves so flustered…

Sexiest Quality: Her butter-wouldn’t-melt demeanour. Although her wardrobe certainly helps…

Jack Foley (Out Of Sight)

The Character: Forget Danny Ocean… Jack Foley is George Clooney’s sexiest reprobate. Who else could make a kidnapping seem so romantic?

Sexiest Quality: His roguish charm, capable of disarming even the most professional of law enforcers.

Lisa Fremont (Rear Window)

The Character: The fearless and feminine girlfriend of crocked photographer L.B. Jefferies, who arrives at his apartment with amorous intentions, only to get a lot more excitement than she’d bargained for.

Sexiest Quality: Her remarkable self-assurance, whether inviting herself over to stay the night at L.B.’s or breaking into a suspected murderer’s apartment!

Jim Stark (Rebel Without A Cause)

The Character: James Dean’s symbol of anti-authoritarian cool. Never has the outsider seemed sexier.

Sexiest Quality:
His self-destructive nature. “I don’t know what to do any more,” he says wistfully, “except maybe die.”

Catherine Tramell (Basic Instinct)

The Character: Unhinged ice queen with a fondness for axe-swinging. Despite that (or possibly because of it) she manages to remain sexy as all hell.

Sexiest Quality: Her taunting awareness of the effect she has on the male population. Witness the interrogation scene for further details.

Han Solo (Star Wars)

The Character: A swaggering, wise-cracking space cowboy, Han is the perfect counterpoint to Luke Skywalker’s goody two shoes routine.

Sexiest Quality: His willingness to play dirty. He did shoot first, after all…

Jessica Rabbit (Who Framed Roger Rabbit?)

The Character: Roger Rabbit’s pneumatically-proportioned girlfriend, and star turn at the Ink and Paint nightclub. The ultimate femme fatale…

Sexiest Quality: That smoky, husky voice. She had us at “hello”.

James Bond

The Character: Secret Agent. Hard drinker. Hopeless womanizer. Whichever vintage you favour, there’s no getting away from Bond’s raw sex appeal.

Sexiest Quality: Whether quipping, scowling or cocking an eyebrow, there’s something irresistibly charming about Bond’s unquenchable thirst for women.

George is GR's resident movie news person, based out of London. He understands that all men must die, but he'd rather not think about it.