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50 Greatest Spider-Man Villains


The Villain: Before he became one of Daredevil's primary foes, Kingpin made his debut battering Spider-Man in #50 of Spidey's original series.

So-named because he's New York's crime kingpin, this rather rotund bad guy has certainly put Spidey through his paces over the years - and always in that fetching purple trouser/white jacket combo.

Movie Version: He showed up in the Daredevil movie, fighting an unmasked Ben Affleck in the rain (and played by Michael Clarke Duncan).

If he pitched up on-screen again, we can see Robert De Niro or Mickey Rourke taking on the role.


The Villain: The first costumed super-villain who ever went up against Spider-Man, Chameleon has stuck around for 50 years to repeatedly challenge the neighbourhood webslinger.

With his ability to transform into just about anybody, his best story came in the '90s when he convinced Peter Parker that his dead parents had returned by using some shape-changing tech-y robots.

Movie Version: This would be a great villain for Amazing Spider-Man 3 - somebody who really gets under Spidey's suit and messes with his mind.

Kevin Spacey for the role, anybody?


The Villain: Jackal may look like a total beast, but he's also ridiculously smart, which is where his real strength lies - he's able to go brain to brain with Spidey no problem.

Need proof? He's so smart he's managed to clone Peter Park and Gwen Stacy more than once and has even transformed an entire island full of people into Spider-People…

Movie Version: A 'Clone Wars' storyline could give us a reprieve from all the Oscorp drama, and a cloner could definitely be useful given some of the plot developments in Amazing Spider-Man 2


The Villain: Inadvertently birthed by Green Goblin, Menace (aka Lily Hollister) is able to change her appearance into that of a horrific demon at will.

She uses a Goblin glider to get around and likes to blow things up. And there was a terrifying plot in which she became pregnant and Doc Ock tried to steal her newborn baby.

Movie Version: We've never had a female baddie in the Spider-Man movies, so introducing Menace could be fun - though we'd probably leave the pregnancy storyline to the comics.


The Villain: A drifer and criminal on the run from the FBI, Flint Marko stumbles upon a nuclear test site where the radiation transforms him into the formidable Sandman, who can use his sandy genetics to mould himself into anything he desires.

Movie Version:
Spider-Man 3 's main protagonist was Sandman, as played by Thomas Haden Church.

With the help of CGI, Sandman was brilliantly realised by Sam Raimi, and Church ensured that we understood the Sandman's dark motivations, even if we didn't condone them.

Doc Ock

The Villain: Otto Octavius worked at the US Atomic Research Centre, where a radioactive blast fused mechanical tentacles to his body, transforming him into the crazed Doctor Octopus.

Movie Version: Alfred Molina played Doc Ock in Spider-Man 2 , bringing surprising pathos to the character - and who can forget that horrific scene in which Ock's tentacles massacre a whole ER of doctors?

Expect Ock to turn up again in Sony's rebooted Amazing Spider-Man films and the Sinister Six spin-off.


The Villain: A bad guy with wings! Now that's something for The Daily Bugle to get itself into a headline-y twist over.

Criminal Raniero Drago stole the Vulture suit from inventor Adrian Toomes after sharing a cell with him. His MO? Robberies. Well, it's easier when you've got wings, right?

Movie Version: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 gave us a glimpse at some mechanical wings, hinting that Vulture will definitely be making his way to the big screen soon - probably in Drew Goddard's Sinister Six flick.

But who'll play him? John Malkovich was linked to the role around the time of the abandoned Spider-Man 4…

Green Goblin

The Villain: Spider-Man's primary nemesis, Norman Osborn is the CEO of Oscorp, where an unfortunate accident transforms him into the power-mad Green Goblin.

Movie Version : There have been numerous movie versions of the Goblin now, thanks to both Sam Raimi's and Marc Webb's big screen adaptations.

Willem Dafoe was easily the coolest, perfectly cast as the cackling bad guy, though his Goblin suit left something to be desired.


The Villain: A mortal enemy of both Spider-Man and Venom, Carnage is the name given to crazy serial killer Cletus Kasady when a part (or 'spawn') of the Venom symbiote transforms him into a bulging red monster.

Movie Version:
Carnage would be the perfect villain for the Sinister Six film, considering he's an enemy to both the goodies and the baddies in the Spidey-verse.

We imagine he'd be a CGI creation, though why not rope in mo-cap guru Andy Serkis to give him serious presence?


The Villain: A slathering, black-suited, nightmarish pseudo-doppleganger to Spider-Man, Venom is an alien symbiote from outer-space that attaches itself to a human host.

Frankly, he's totally nuts, which is why he's easily the greatest of all the Spidey villains. It also helps that the Venom symbiote can attach itself to anybody, meaning it's basically unstoppable.

Movie Version : For all o f Spider-Man 3 's faults, not least the portrayal of Eddie Brock as Venom, the look of Venom was pretty flippin' cool.

If he was to turn up in later Spidey films, we'd want him to be even more off his rocker - and no more of that silliness where Brock's face breaks through Venom's.