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50 Greatest Batman Villains

Mad Hatter

The Villain: Jervis Tetch, an obsessive compulsive criminal with an obsession with the Lewis Carroll story from which his character is inspired. One of Batman's more unusual foes, but a fairly grim one too, not least because of his unhealthy fixation with children.

Movie Potential: If you were to drop the outlandish outfits and recast him as a paranoid schizophrenic with possible paedophilic leanings, you'd have a proper villain worthy of the name. It would be a bold move though…

Killer Croc

The Villain: One of the more visually outlandish adversaries Batman has ever had to face, Croc is a former wrestler with a scaly skin condition from which he takes his name. Never the most complex of villains, he is one of the more grotesque, turning to cannibalism as his crimes grew more extreme.

Movie Potential: We could see Croc working if his appearance was disfigured by heavy scarring rather than a reptilian skin condition. We don't want just another version of The Lizard crashing about on screen.


The Villain: Basil Karlo, a formerly famous actor with the ability to change his appearance at will thanks to a mysterious substance given to him by a group known as "the mud pack". Yes, okay, he's a little bit far-fetched, but everybody loves a shapeshifter, right?

Movie Potential: He'd probably work better as a secondary villain than the main event, perhaps in a retooled version of Arkham City 's jaw-dropping finale.


The Villain: Dr. Thomas Elliot, a childhood friend of Bruce who did for his father by tampering with the brakes in his car. His mother was rescued in surgery by Thomas Wayne, sparking a poisonous vendetta against the family that would only grow with the passing years…

Movie Potential:
We'd tell the story in which Hush allies himself with The Riddler, who has worked out that Batman and Bruce Wayne are one and the same. As for casting, we'll opt for Guy Pearce, long rumoured to be playing the Riddler in the third Nolan film...

Carmine Falcone

The Villain: The head of one of Gotham's most prominent crime families, Carmine "The Roman" Falcone has his fingers in a huge amount of pies in Gotham's infrastructure, with everyone from judges to cops on his payroll. No wonder they refer to it as "the Roman empire".

Movie Potential: Bringing Gotham's problems with organised crime to the forefront of proceedings was a masterstroke on Chris Nolan's part, pitching his Bat-films as a cross between superhero movie and crime thriller. Falcone should at least play a supporting part in any future outings, if only as a reminder that Gotham has more to worry about than costumed freaks.

Poison Ivy

The Villain: An insanely sexy villainess, Pamela Isley is an eco-terrorist who regards plant life as superior to the human equivalent. Like a more alluring Charlie Dimmock, then. Maybe.

Movie Potential: Uma Thurman played her with suitable sex-appeal, although her constant punning tarnished the overall package somewhat. Her ecologically motivated crimes would make her a relevant villain to future episodes, although we'd probably do away with the her toxic lips, which stray a little too close to a fully-blown superpower.

Victor Zsasz

The Villain: While many of Gotham's criminals are hell bent on destroying either the city, Batman or both, Victor Zsasz is a common or garden serial killer, whose chronic gambling problem tipped him over the brink of sanity. Carving a notch in his body for every life claimed, he purports to liberate his victims from the futility of existence.

Movie Potential: He cropped up briefly in Batman Begins , but we'd like to see his crimes played out in all their grisly detail. A nightmarish villain, made all the more terrifying by his plausibility.

Harley Quinn

The Villain: Initially cropping up in Batman: The Animated Series , Harley's backstory was expanded upon in the comics, in which she is revealed to be a former Arkham psychiatrist manipulated by the Joker into falling in love with him. A key figure in the Arkham games, it's about time she made her big-screen bow.

Movie Potential:
It would be difficult to include Harley without recasting the Joker, but a bold move could involve an early death for Mr. J, followed by his lovelorn girlfriend vowing to take revenge on Bats. As for who should play her, we'd like to see Amanda Seyfried given another opportunity to tap into her unhinged side…

Black Mask

The Villain: Springing from a similarly privileged background as Batman, Roman Sionis was a wrong 'un from the off, burning down his family home with both his parents inside. Inheriting their fortune, he took over the family business, only for things to go belly up and the company to be bought out by one Bruce Wayne. Carving himself a disguise from his father's coffin, Roman turned to a life of crime as the Black Mask.

Movie Potential: He'd work well should the franchise remain in the gritty, realistic universe created by Nolan, with his enmity towards Bruce Wayne a rich seam of storytelling to potentially be mined.


The Villain: Dr. Jonathan Crane uses similar techniques to Batman in order to achieve his goals, namely by using his enemies' fears against them. However, whilst the Bat only scares the bejesus out of those who deserve it, Scarecrow will happily turn his hallucinogenic serum upon anyone unlucky enough to cross his path.

Movie Potential:
After Cillian Murphy's superlative portrayal in Batman Begins , Scarecrow probably won't be resurrected anytime soon. Although if he does, putting him in charge of Arkham once more would be a good place to start.

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