Zelda synthesizer is full of sound files for soundphiles

This Link to the Past synthesizer is, to use the parlance of the series' marketing, really rad: every musical cue, sound file, incidental bell and whistle from the SNES original, sits isolated for your enjoyment and creative exploration. However, what's not mentioned in the synth's frontend – but will soon become apparent to dedicated tinkerers – is that the page is actually a comprehensive compendium of every sound cue in all three 2D originals, unlockable via its own little mouse-driven, Metroid-cameo-featuring side-quest. Click through for spoilers regarding that quest!

If you're a longtime lover of the Zelda series, and yet utterly averse to using a bit of lateral thinking to solve puzzles and unlock rewards... well, honestly, you're a maddening contradiction of a human being, aren't you just? But maddening contradictions are what makes the world go round, so have a look for the inventory item not present in the center screen, call the bird, and you'll be “skipping” to the selection screen... oh screw it, just click the flute and choose “Skip.” Um, spoiler alert, duh.

Jun 13, 2011

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How cool is this? More Zelda easter eggs

European Ocarina of Time 3D special editions to come bundled with ocarina? 
Update: instrument also available with Australasian preorders

Master the Song of Storms in five minutes
Two fun and easy music projects for Ocarina of Time fans


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