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Yu-Gi-Oh!: Dawn of Destiny Cheats, Codes & Guides

Yu-Gi-Oh!: Dawn of Destiny Cheats

  • Unlock Tri-Horn Dragon

    Entry location: Enter as a profile name to receive the corresponding card.
    GOD of CARDS
    Submitted by None
  • Unlock Cosmo Queen

    Entry location: Enter as a profile name to receive the corresponding card.
    Submitted by None
  • Unlock Zera the Mant

    Entry location: Enter as a profile name to receive the corresponding card.
    Submitted by None
  • Use Opponent's Decks

    Beat every opponent in triple duel mode and hold X at the opponent selection screen in single duel mode blackdragonjungleking - 89832901
    blueeyestoondragon - 53183600
    bluemedicane - 20871001
    unlock god cards -33221144
    blueeyeswhitedragon - 89631139
    blueeyeswhitedragon - 80906030
    callofthehaunted - 97077563
    chorusofsanctuary - 81380218
    changeofheart - 04031928
    blackpendant - 65169794
    chaindestruction - 01248895
    alligator'ssworddragon - 03366982
    cyberstein - 69015963
    darksage - 92377303
    Just Desserts 24068492
    Mystical elf 15025844
    Card Destruction 72892473
    Ultimate Offering 80604091
    Monster Reborn 83764718
    Mystic probe 49251811
    The earl of Demise 66989694
    Dragon zombie 66672569
    Trap hole 04206964
    Headles knight 05434080
    Sparks 76103675
    Waboku 12607053
    Time seal 35316708
    Enchanted javelin 96355986
    Blue-Eyes White Dragon89631139
    Reinforcements 17814387
    Soul Exchange 68005187
    Zombyra the dark 88472456
    Armored glass 36868108
    The forgiving maiden 84080938
    Amphibian beast 67371383
    Sword of dark destruction37120512
    Fair's hand mirror 17653779
    Dark hole 53129443
    Slot machine 03797883
    Ekibyo drakmord 69954399
    Pot of greed 55144522
    Curse of dragon 28279543
    Horn of light 38552107
    Summond skull 70781052
    Empress mantis 58818411
    Remove trap 51482758
    Submitted by Jarrod Jordan

Yu-Gi-Oh!: Dawn of Destiny Hints

  • How to get characters

    First go to triple dual and dual any team but the person you want to dual in single dual mode put him/her last.
    Submitted by Abel Torres
  • The Exodia pieces

    33396948 44519536 07902349 08124921 70903639 08058240
    Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon 23995346
    Tri-Horned Dragon 39111158
    Submitted by Dillon Domer
  • Alternate Backgrounds

    In the main menu highlight single or triple duel and press X. The background will change to an unlocked card
    Submitted by Jarrod Jordan

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