Your ultimate Wii launch guide

What's in the box?
So what do you get for your £179? Well, it's everything you need to get your Wii up and running and it's enough to keep you happy for a while before a trip back to the shop for more games is necessary.

Above: Check out what you get for your £179 - you even get a game thrown in so you can start playing straight away!

1. The Wii console
Standing vertical, the console's 44mm wide, 157mm tall and 215mm deep measurements make it surprisingly small - but it's inside here that all the magic happens.

2. Wii Remote
Two AA batteries are included for the console's main controller, as well as a safety wrist strap.

3. Nunchuk
The second part of Wii's controller connects to the Wii Remote and doesn't require batteries.

4. Sensor bar
This is how the console senses the movement of the Remote and must be placed on top of or below your TV, then plugged into the console.

5. Composite AV/TV cable and SCART adaptor
This is how you connect the Wii console to the TV. You can plug the composite cable into the SCART so that you can use your TV's SCART socket.

6. Wii stand
This allows you to safely stand the console up vertically.

7. Wii Sports
The sports compilation game comes with the console allowing to get playing immediately.

8. The power cable
This is what makes the console go - a standard three point plug with a meaty power block in the middle.


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