Yakuza 5 gets Gogo actress from Kill Bill

Chiaki Kuriyama set to appear in upcoming Yakuza game for PS3

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Chiaki Kuriyama, the actress who played Gogo Yubari, the psycho schoolgirl in Kill Bill, will be starring in the Sega’s new Yakuza title. She will be playing the role of Asagi, a member of the Self-Defense Forces. The news was recently revealed on the official Ryu ga Gotoku blog along with additional voice actor reveals, screenshots, a confirmation of the game’s official title, Yakuza: To the End, and a video featuring the finalists in Sega’s contest for the new hostesses who will be appearing in the game.

Above: Chiaki Kuriyama in the recording studio for Yakuza: To the End (aka Yakuza 5)

Above: The character Kuriyama will be playing in the upcoming game

“Because I’ve long loved Yakuza, I was really happy when I got the part,” says Kuriyama. North American and European audiences are still waiting for Yakuza 4 to finish making its way through the localization process. Yakuza 4 is scheduled to release in the first quarter of 2011. No release date is currently available for Yakuza: To the End.

Source: CVGRyu ga Gotku blog

Sep 10, 2010