In between the considerable drama, Xenosaga III serves up turn-based battles. As we learned before, the Boost gauge from the prior game makes its return. You can use this power to jump the queue and unload attacks before your proper turn, or spend it on really big special moves that do big damage - your choice. The battles are totally menu-driven now, dropping any of the button-tapping flourishes the series has seen before.

You can choose from standard attacks, magical Ether spells, powered-up Tech attacks and the Boost-draining Special attacks, which do the most damage. You can also aim for max damage, or try and Break an enemy - by doing certain attacks that charge up its Break meter. When an enemy enters Break state it becomes paralyzed, so you can spring a massive combo on 'em while they're helpless. Bad news is that the enemies can Break you (but if you're crafty enough, you can heal down your Break meter before it gets to that point.)