X-Men: The Official Game - Hands On

We all wanted to be Nightcrawler after seeing his teleporting, flip-crazy White House assault in the X2 film. Hey, it only took three years, right? In The Official Game he can use his dizzying 'porting power endlessly, only stopping to take a breather and kick some sucka in the facebone before vanishing again. The actual combat plays pretty close to Wolverine's feral methods, but now you can zip around entire gangs, punch a dude a few times in the back of the head and 'port back to where you were or on to the next target.

Scattered around Nightcrawler's missions are glowing-blue beacons that indicate where you can teleport to at any time. Our trial was all about fighting off the near-endless copies of the Multiple Man (who is actually a good guy in the comic series, so go figure) and disarming bombs - running just wouldn't cut it, so we had to constantly teleport from ground to pipe to railing, just to cut off the bomb in time. It's a little speedier than Wolvie's heavy swings, but in the end you're still mashing the attack button.

Individually, the three characters would make a so-so action title. But put together and wrapped up in a story that officially connects X2 with the third X-men film, May's  X-Men: The Last Stand, they make a game that looks to be worth checking out.


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