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X-com Interceptor Cheats, Codes & Guides

X-com Interceptor Cheats

  • Some Cheats

    Press Ctrl-W, when you hear the low double beep tone type in battlecheat to enable in flight cheats.
    Then Type:
    * canttouchthis - Invincibility
    * fillerup - Unlimited Flight Range
    Submitted by kevin s
  • Various Cheats

    Press Alt+E at main screen and press the following:
    10 000 000 credits: PAYDAY
    All research: KNOWITALL
    Build Base fast: QUICKBASE
    No Aliens: JOYRIDE
    Side Missions:
    Arms Dealer: SMARMS
    Recon: SMRECON
    Nova Bomb rescue: SMNOVA
    Pirate Rescue: SMRESCUE
    Pirate Freighter: SMROUGE
    Submitted by kevin s

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