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WWX Rumble Roses Cheats, Codes & Guides

WWX Rumble Roses Hints

  • New Outfits

    Beat story mode with any wrestler to unlock their new outfit
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  • Alter Ego

    Finish story mode with the character indicated to get their alter ego below:
    Becky<- Gets -> Candy Cane
    Dr. Cutter<- Gets -> Anesthesia
    Judgment<- Gets -> Bloody Shadow
    Killer Khan<- Gets -> Aigle
    Mistress Spencer<- Gets -> Miss Spencer
    Noble Rose<- Gets -> Evil Rose
    Rowdy Reiko<- Gets -> Reiko Hinomoto
    Sgt. Clemets<- Gets -> Dixie Clemets
    Showbiz<- Gets -> Aisha
    The BBD<- Gets -> Makoto Aihara
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  • Change entrance in normal match mode

    When playing normal match pick your girls and pick a stage (any)and before pressing play hold L1+L2+R1+R2 and press play Note: also can do this in title match too
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  • Pick Up Weapon

    While in a corner outside the ring or near a weapon press Circle
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  • Different Grapple

    Press Left + Triangle
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  • New Weapon Grapple

    Press Down + Square or Up + Square
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