WWE Superstar Speaks on SmackDown!

Apparently, you're always on your PSP. Is that true?
Yeah, and because of that the WWE has actually banned PSPs from the locker room. A few of us were playing, but with me being the champion, it all comes back to me - I take all the heat for any videogame fiasco.

What were you playing backstage when you got banned?
NBA, a whole bunch of us play that.

What games do you play other than on PSP?
I've just got an Xbox 360, so I've been playing a lot of Call of Duty online. I've also got the new Ghost Recon and I always play Tekken - that's one of my favorite games of all time. I don't really care for sports games but I like fighting games and racecar games.

I actually beat Call of Duty in about a week, then got hooked up online. I'm addicted to that thing. Between Tuesday and Friday you'll find me on there playing any time of the day. Some people need to come out of their basements and see the sun, because some of the guys playing these games are just too good. I refuse to play Halo online - I tried it once and died 50 times in about five minutes, so I'm never playing it again.

What's your Xbox Live tag?
It's actually pretty easy to decipher if you watch wrestling. Anyone who sees my gamer tag, if they think it's me, they're probably right. I don't have "Shelton Benjamin" up there, but it's close enough to make you wonder, and you'd be right.

Let's talk wrestling. Where do you see your character heading over the next year?
I'd like to see my character get a little more respect. This whole "Mamma's Boy" thing is getting way out of hand and disrespectful. If I have to crack a few heads to get some respect, then I'll do it - starting with Cena. The challenge is always open - I'm the man. I hate losing, with a passion.

Finally, what legends would you like to see in SmackDown! vs Raw 2007 who haven't appeared in previous games?
Magnum TA, Wahoo McDaniel, Kevin Sullivan. Rick Rude. That's who I grew up on, that's who I'd like to see. Them, and The Boogeyman.

Tuesday 18 April 2006


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