WWE Smackdown! Vs. RAW 2008

What we’d like to see

With six months of development time left, we’ve sent our demands to the WWE, wrapped in barbed wire and doused in lighter fluid to give them the right message.

EC-Dub! EC-Dub!
With ECW getting their own program slot, it’s not clear what the WWE plans are for the hardcore brand and their talent-heavy roster. Still, we’d either like to see Tommy Dreamer and the gang appear, or an entirely new game devoted to barbed-wire bats and flaming tables.

Hair Vs Hair
With Vince ending up bald at Wrestlemania, we’d love to see this match type included. Surely Yuke’s can include an option? We’d love to see Nitro and Mercury get the buzzcut.

CM Punk
Of all the new talent on the roster - we’re big fans of MVP - Punk’s the one they need to get in. The Anaconda Vise is cool enough, but how can you dislike a man who calls one of his moves the Jackie Chan?

Create-A-Feud Mode
Instead of being forced into a feud, how about we can choose whose matches to interfere with in the hope of taunting them into giving us a title shot? We’d love to play DX-style pranks on John Cena until he agrees to a No-DQ match. 


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