WWE 13 attitude era unlockables guide

Brothers of Destruction

Reward: Bonus Match #5

Kane and Mankind vs. Steve Austin and Undertaker

Main Objectives:
Make your way to the front of the cell.
Knock out Stone Cold. [HIDDEN]
Knock out Bearer in 1 minute. [HIDDEN]

Historical Bonus Objectives:
Knock out Stone Cold in 2 minutes. [HIDDEN]
Knock out Bearer in 1 minute. [HIDDEN]

Reward: King Of The Ring ’98 Arena

Undertaker vs. Mankind

Main Objectives:
Throw Mankind off the Cell through the announcer table.
Perform a Chokeslam on top of the cell roof door. [HIDDEN]
Win the match.

Historical Bonus Objective:
Win by pinfall.

Reward: Kane ’97-’99 Two Sleeves Attire

Kane vs. Steve Austin

Main Objectives:
Get Austin’s damage to “critical” in-ring.
Win the match.

Historical Bonus Objectives:
Get Austin’s damage to “critical” in-ring in 4 minutes.
Win the match.

Reward: WWE Championship – Smoking Skull

Steve Austin vs. Kane

Match Objective:
Win by pinfall or submission.

Historical Bonus Objectives:
Perform a diving attack off of the apron.
Perform an Irish Whip and make Kane flip over the double steel steps.
Perform a Lou Thesz Press signature move.
Perform a finisher on Kane and pin him in 10 seconds.


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