WWE 13 attitude era character unlock guide

Austin 3:16

Reward Character: Road Dogg

Steve Austin vs. Road Dogg

Main Objective:
Win the Match

Historical Bonus Objectives:
Perform a Stunner on Billy Gunn
Win in 2 minutes

Reward Character: Undertaker ’97-‘98

Undertaker vs. Kane

Main Objective:

Historical Bonus Objectives:
Perform a Signature move
Perform a Chokeslam
Get Kane’s damage to “critical” and perform a standing grapple
Within 20 seconds, perform a running dive attack on Kane outside the ring [HIDDEN] 

Reward Character: Dude Love

Steve Austin vs. Dude Love

Main Objective:
Win the match

Historical Bonus Objectives:
Succeed at the WWE Attitude moment
Within 20 seconds, grab a chair and strike Dude Love [HIDDEN]
Win by pinfall

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  • caseydixon - November 15, 2012 8:31 p.m.

    In the Steve Austin vs. Mr. McMahon match there is a hiddin objective and it is hit McMahon with a stunner.

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