World of Nintendo

13)Arty DS skins

These excellent DS skins might cost a hefty $20 (£10) but they’re certainly cheaper than buying a real work of art by Van Gogh or MC Escher. A cool way to show your appreciation for the fine art of Nintendo games.


What if Grand Theft Auto had come out 10 years earlier? This spoof 1980s advert for GTA on the NES is retro comedy gold. We’re not so sure the super-strict Nintendo of the day would have approved, though…


How great would it be if they made a Nintendo-Resident Evil crossover? Like Mario and Sonic, but with corpses and shotguns. A bit like this disturbing fan art, perhaps. (You’ll need to register on the site to see it.)

16)Harry Potter Famicom

EA sells something like nine million copies of each Harry Potter game, across all formats, but they’re clearly missing a trick here. What about fans of retro consoles? Here’s a strictly dodgy Potter-based bootleg shooter for the Famicom to point them in the right direction. Brace yourselves for the sound…