World of Nintendo

9)Wooden NES

Is this what the rumoured new DS is going to look like? We like the retro curves of this modded NES, although we must admit we’re not so keen on the prospect of getting splinters from the D-pad.

10)Mario bottle theme

This is great - the world famous Mario theme played on a long line of wine bottles, which produce the correct notes when tapped by a twanger attached to a remote-control car. Hope they recycled that lot afterwards.

11) Andy’s mom’s hat

Art editor Andy McGregor receives regular parcels of supplies from his native Newcastle, generally filled with home-made knitted Nintendo goodies. This month he got a Goomba beanie. Just the thing for a night oot on the toon. Erm… way-aye, man!

12)Galaxy Wii

From Ramon Stokes, who’s built quite a reputation for his extraordinarily elaborate console mods, this Mario Galaxy creation is a colourful sculpture that also happens to play Wii games. Not that you’d want to risk using it, since it fetched $2,250 at auction.