World of Nintendo

These handmade DS pouches are great, and you won’t find anything even halfway as cool in a shop. Actually, you won’t find them anywhere because the person who made them has sold out, but keep checking their online shop to see if they become available again.

6)Tetris the movie

How do you film the unfilmable? Rocket-powered Tetris bricks flown by ace pilots - a story of two brothers and an unfortunate crushing incident, plus the obligatory love interest and comedically beared villain. Line up for adventure!

7)Chopping board of power

Hand-crafted from real wood, this Triforce chopping board would look extra nice when stained with vegetable oil or dried-on fish scales. Or, at the unreasonable price, you might just prefer to hang it on your wall.

8)Zelda glass

As used in the banqueting halls of the Hyrule royal family, probably. Or maybe Ganondorf sips fruit juice from one while dreaming of world domination.