World of Nintendo

16) Wii musician
Anyone with a recent Apple Mac with built-in Bluetooth should have a look at this music creation system that uses the Wii remote to pitch-bend and freestyle while beats loop in the background. Completely free from

17) $21,000 cart
A super rare gold edition of the 1990 Nintendo World Championships NES cartridge recently fetched a staggering $21,400. It’s a timed challenge involving Super Mario Bros, Rad Racer and Tetris, and since the gold cart was created specifically as a competition prize there are only 26 of them in the entire universe. If you spot one at a garage sale, try to conceal your greed-shakes.

18) Mario (and Luigi) hats
In the past you would have had to break out the sewing machine and risk attaching your skin to a piece of red felt in order to have your own Mario hat. Now you can simply go to and buy one for $29, which is a sure sign that civilization is making great progress.

19) Twilight Princess hi-def models
In case you were wondering how Twilight Princess might look in a higher resolution, satisfy your curiosity here. It’s a bunch of Zelda models posed and relit in the PC game Counter Strike Source, and they have a scarily plastic look about them that’s sure to make you glad Nintendo didn’t go down the HDTV route with Wii. Maybe. One of the pics shows HD Link and Ilya in mid-smocch. Ewww.

20) The Hudson train
All aboard the legendary Hudson train - a steam-powered trip around the grounds of the Bomberman developer, in which Kabuki Man chases Hudson Honey for a sneak peak at the 1995 software lineup. Hudson’s financial troubles later put paid to such ostentatious toys for employees, but the glory days live on in video. Enjoy.

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  • Monkeylink - December 12, 2008 3:15 a.m.

    They seriously Should make a sequel to Donkey kong 64 and screw the stupid minigames AND BRONG BACK DONKEY KONG!

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