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11) Game Center CX
Somebody has put together a lovingly detailed guide to the crazy Japanese program Game Center CX, which is all about one man’s quest to complete old Nintendo games. It’s awesome, and links on the site will show you more episodes.

12) Zelda remote holder
Slashing the air with a plain old remote doesn’t give the satisfying swoosh that a real sword would… but these remote-holding attachments certainly will. Arm yourself with a proper weapon and watch your enemies cower before you. And get arm-ache.

13) Mario tapestry
Well, yes. It’s a bit like the ever-so-famous Bayeaux Tapestry, in so far as it’s very long and very clever. But it is, in fact, a drawing, and it shows “realistic” Mario taking on those Koopa punks in the most violent manner imaginable. It’s got a bit of a surprise ending, too.

14) Chocobo diorama
A gallery of Chocobo dioramas that show plenty of love for the fluffy yellow FF beasties.

15) Crystal DS
Another gem at the Nintendo World store in New York - DS Lites covered in sparkly things. Sadly, however, these mugger-magnets are not for sale. Yes, we saw the price tag, too. NOT FOR SALE.

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  • Monkeylink - December 12, 2008 3:15 a.m.

    They seriously Should make a sequel to Donkey kong 64 and screw the stupid minigames AND BRONG BACK DONKEY KONG!

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