World of Nintendo

6) Nintendo fashion
These pics, taken by a nice guy called Phishbowl, are from a fashion show at the Nintendo World store in New York.

7) Transformer
This funky little video shows each of Nintendo’s previous consoles folding up and transforming into the next one in sequence, beginning with the NES and ending with Wii. It would have made a great ad or bonus startup animation.

8) Super hard Mario
Surely games were never this tough... It’s a special Super Mario Bros impossi-level, playable on an emulator, and you can watch a video where somebody spends over 20 minutes trying to get through its instant death evil.

9) Never mind the T-shirt
This Tetris versus Sex Pistols T-shirt by Way Of The Rodent certainly tickled us. If you don’t know the album cover it’s referencing then, erm, move along now... Or you could visit the Bountee site and make your own, more contemporary, design.

10) Snake in a box
It’s a work of art created by somebody completely - bafflingly - anonymous, and if you’ve got access to a color printer then it could be sitting on your mantelpiece after about an hour of cutting, gluing and cursing those tricky legs. Download the pattern for yourself.

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  • Monkeylink - December 12, 2008 3:15 a.m.

    They seriously Should make a sequel to Donkey kong 64 and screw the stupid minigames AND BRONG BACK DONKEY KONG!

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