World of Nintendo

What happens in Nintendoland when the lights go out

17)Mega Man goodies

Celebrating Mega Man’s 15th anniversary, these promotional items are available from Capcom’s Japanese store. If anyone figures out how to get them to ship to this country, let us know. There’s a slim chance they might be released here in time for the 20th anniversary, by which time we might have completed Mega Man 9.

18)Cupcake horror

No doubt these Mario and Luigi carrot cupcakes are delicious, but why do they look like the brothers are drowning? Those ‘moustaches’ on their faces make them look like they’ve surfaced under something particularly unsavoury. Ewww.

19)Gunpei Yokoi papercraft

One of the stranger papercraft models we’ve seen. Cut out and assemble these pieces to build a 3D cartoon caricature of Game Boy creator Gunpei Yokoi. Get your template here.

20)Mario cartoon

Seth MacFarlane, the bloke behind the Family Guy cartoon series, has turned his hand to videogame parodies on YouTube. Check it out, it’s, erm… not as funny as Family Guy. Makes us want to eat burgers, though, for some reason.

Oct 27, 2008