World of Nintendo

16) Super inflated Mario

This rather gross-looking selection of rainbow coloured sausages is in fact one twisted balloon artist’s take on Nintendo’s mascot. Looks more like a vaguely man-shaped leech colony to us. Perhaps this is leech Mario, the vastly unpleasant blood-sapping costume abandoned from Galaxy on the grounds of bad taste. If you find this upsetting, wait until you see the balloonatic’s Batman. A dark knight indeed.

17) World of board-craft

World of Warcraft is a game so addictive that hardcore players are occasionally found deceased at their PC, partially mummified in their own jowly drool. It also makes for a rather excellent balance board title. From the same tech heads that brought us Google Earth board control, we now find the realms of Azeroth placed at your leaning beck and call. Whatever next from these two Germanic gaming gurus?

18) Luma dolls

Science suggests that, with their star-like properties, Lumas should burn with the intensity of the sun. They’d sear you into non-existence if you went in for a hug, so a better bet would be these plush variants on the little fellas (yours for $25). No risk of unpleasant charcoalisation here. Unless you set their fleecy hides alight, of course.

19) Ninten-pillows

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair. Failing that, would you mind sewing us a decorative Nintendo pillow? Who is the mysterious seamstress that hides behind the fairy-tale moniker ‘Rapunzel’? Is she really locked away in a tower and forced to sew fire flower designs into a pillow for her cruel captor to then sell on

20) Caddyshack

Camelot founders the Takahashi brothers are renowned for giggling at just about anything, and thus any interview with the jovial twosome is punctuated by laughter breaks. We can’t imagine the guffaws they’d get from this neat remote golf bag created especially for the launch of We Love Golf. It’s available from theCapcom store.

Aug 5, 2008