World of Final Fantasy

Boxed set
How much do you like Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children? If the answer is “enough to pay out the nose for a special edition of the movie and some exclusive merch in a lovely box,” then your luck’s in. Whip out your credit card at

A cactuar can dish out massive damage with a 1,000 needle attack in the games, but look how soft and fluffy it is in real life. This and other equally cuddly FF toys are available for $36 each from

It’s 6 inches wide and 56 inches from base to tip. Yes, it’s a genuine stainless steel gunblade sword, as seen in FFVIII, and it could be yours for just $120, assuming you’re 18 or over and you promise not to use it for killing. From

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  • AA95mp - September 8, 2009 2:20 p.m.

    first and i have some ideas involing the gunblade :).

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