World of Final Fantasy

The official FF energy drink. It might not give you wings but it does restore 10,000HP of damage and removes curse, making it the ideal herbal supplement for a monster RPG session. Check eBay for Japanese imports.

Nobuo Uematsu’s orchestral soundtracks are regarded as some of the greatest pieces of videogame music. They’re also some of the most widely reinterpreted, with everything from soothing piano arrangements to full-on metal versions available on expensive import CDs.

Sonata of Temptation
This is a shot-for-shot recreation of a battle scene from the animated movie Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, and the fact that it’s peppered with the odd dance sequence didn’t manage to stop Korean singer Ivy getting stomped by Square Enix’s lawyers.

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  • AA95mp - September 8, 2009 2:20 p.m.

    first and i have some ideas involing the gunblade :).

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