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    Blue Morpho - Spell a 9 letter word.
    Camberwell - Win 25 WordJong parties.
    Dryadula - Complete the Bronze Path.
    Malachite - Complete the Golden Path.
    Monarch - Win 7 consecutive Daily Puzzles.
    Red Admiral - Use 10,000 tiles.
    Swallowtail - Spell a word worth 100 points.
    Ulysses - Spell 1000 words.
    Violet Morpho - Win a Party without using power-ups.
    Xerces Blue - Complete 30 Daily Puzzles.
    Zebra - Complete the Silver Path.
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Available Platforms: Wii
Genre: Puzzle
Published by: Destineer
Developed by: Magellan Interactive
ESRB Rating:
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