Winning Eleven Pro Evolution Soccer 2008

Teamvision may sound like a meaningless FIFA term, but it’s actually a new “adaptive” AI system at the heart of Winning Eleven’s PS3 debut. The game “learns” how to counter your playing style, forcing you to exploit the pitch for gaps - making radar use vital. For example, you can’t just keep running down the flanks and crossing for cheap goals. Producer Seabass’ believes that Winning Eleven shouldn’t be played like a “videogame” which can be broken by scientific patterns of play, but like real soccer where tactical decisions are made on the fly.

Put simply, this’ll probably mean more defenders in your attacking areas, but could also include counter-tactics such as using the space on the break vacated by adventurous fullbacks. How effective the opposition will be at countering depends on their ability, so sides with high Teamwork stats adapt quickest. Then there’re sides that will try to adapt but lack the quality to stop the opposition executing their gameplan.


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