William H. Macy gets Freaky Deaky

William H Macy

Elmore Leonard’s novel Freaky Deaky is being adapted into a movie directed by Charles Matthau (Walter Mattahau’s progeny) and starring William H. Macy.

It’s not the first time Leonard’s work has been converted for cinema, with Out Of Sight, Jackie Brown, Get Shorty and Be Cool all based on his literary masterpieces.

Freaky Deaky follows a group of vets in the youth rebellion of the ‘60s. There’s Detroit sergeant Chris Mankowski, alcohol Woody Ricks and swindler Donnell Lewis, all who get tied up in a series of messy scams.

No other casting news as yet, but let’s hope this falls into the better camp of Leonard adaps than, say, The Big Bounce .

Beats being chased around by dinosaurs, eh Will?