Dr. Mario
Recent goings on in the Dr. Mario camp have been shadier than a back-alley dentist, but the WiiWare announcement clears things up. One second it was ESRB-rated for Virtual Console release, the next it was dropped. Why? To make way for this all-singing, all-dancing, Wi-Fi-enabled pill popper. Traditional pill-swivelling action returns - with Mii avatars - joined by a follow-up prescription of the Germ Blast minigame seen in Brain Age 2. Where Germ Blast was originally intended as a winding down exercise after a punishing mental workout, any sense of calm is obliterated here by adding four-player co-op into the mix. Should be fun.

Pokémon Farm
Not to be confused with the Mr. Mime-powered smut of ‘Pokémon Raunch Channel,’ this title will instead let you download your DS Diamond and/or Pearl bestiary to a farm paddock on the Wii. Once there, you can survey the worryingly angular-looking ‘mon as your Mii, taking pictures of yourself with your captured chums. It’s from Ambrella, developers of the similarly throwaway virtual pet GameCube offering Pokémon Channel, so don’t expect this to go far beyond the Poké-petting zoo concept currently outlined.

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