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Fortunately, with the Mii stuff out of the way, we were able to plow into the other games. And the other games, on this showing, will keep us entertained a lot longer. Laser Hockey is air hockey versus Pong, with the neon visuals of a Jeff Minter game. Genius. Billiards is a realistic simulation of - you guessed it - Pool, complete with a demand for lifelike cuing actions. And Charge! (complete with redundant exclamation mark) is a farm-tastic game of cow racing (yes, really) that controls like Excite Truck. Only with more beef.

The remaining two games in this compendium we found to be mediocre in the Japanese version. There’s Tanks!, which is a simple wargame wherein you aim to blow up battalions of enemy tanks (sorry: Tanks!) by controlling your own vehicle with remote and Nunchuk; and then there’s Table Tennis, in which you control the location of your bat by aiming the remote but don’t actually need to press anything else, as the bat will hit/miss the ball automatically. It’s a bit odd. And so, from what we’ve played of it, is this compendium. But we do like racing cows, so we'll reserve final judgement for the US version, due this February. 


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