Wii Light patent reveals the Nintendo dance party that never was

Proposed 2009 peripheral included programmable LED lights

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Although the Nintendo Wii is ideal for many things, it’s essentially useless at a rave. As it turns out, Nintendo intended to correct this massive oversight in 2009 by filing a patent for a Wii Light peripheral, which would have turned everyday Wii games into an LED light show of epic, fist pumping proportions.

Siliconera has turned up a patent filing from two years ago which details plans to create a set-top accessory that wields red, blue and green LED lights to flash up to 256 colours in a variety of patterns and intensities. Had it been produced, the device would have made it possible for developers to incorporate LED feedback into their games, i.e adding red flashes during FPS shootouts, giving extra oomph to music games, or generally enhancing visual cues.

It seems a bit too late in the Wii's life to roll this out now, but the idea has merit and Nintendo could be keeping this one in its back pocket for a Wii successor.

Super Mario Rave Party for Wii 2? Why not, it's already got the mushrooms.

April 6, 2011

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