Why we’d rather be a Wookiee than a Jedi/Sith in The Force Unleashed II

Hands up if you were deeply disappointed with Force Unleashed's Euphoria Physics engine. Yeah, it was a bit pump wasn't it? Why waste all that fancy technology letting players pull Star Destroyers out of the sky in a horribly frustrating sequence, when it could have been use to realistically render a Wookiee pulling an arm from its socket. For shame physics boffins. For shame.

Bowcasters are awesome. Part crossbow, part sniper rifle; the default weapon of choice for any self-respecting Wookiee is infinitely superior to a lightsaber. Namely because you don't have to put yourself four feet away from a Sith (as he tries to slice your spleen up with his laser sword) to use it. The perfect weapon for long range combat, we can only imagine how amazing Chewbacca Silent Scope-style sections would be. Oh, and Darth Maul would definitely have made Episode II if he'd just been packing a double-ended Bowcaster...

What he said.

May 05, 2010