Why the hell did you license that?

MC Kids | SNES/Mega Drive/Game Boy/C64 | Virgin | 1991

This is wrong on so many levels. For a start it’s another licensed game based on food. FOOD for Shigs' sake! We mean we all know food’s awesome. It stops us dying, and that's a concept we really like. But seriously, does anyone have such a glowing appreciation of something so routinely ingrained into day to day life that they’d want to play a game just because it was afflitiated with a ‘restaurant’ chain? We hope not, given that the food in question here is that of McDonald's, and therefore certainly not something to develop a rampant fandom of according to most nutritionists.

As for the game itself, it’s the most savage rip-off of Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World you could imagine, right down to the map screen and even some of the graphics. Coins are reskinned to letter Ms and Mario and Luigi have been replaced with generic Billy Joe Baseball-Caps, but other than that you know what to expect. Shame it’s nowhere near as good.

It’s also deliciously ironic that McDonald’s once tried to expand its empire with a videogame, but just this week laid some of the blame for childhood obesity at gaming’s feet. Oh McD's, how you've changed your tune in these new, more enlightened times.


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