Why Hitman 2's missions are the best in any game ever

Of course, this leaves 14 missions that are either great or merely good, but not amazing. But still, six classics. A hit at an ultra-posh party in a massive mansion, the infiltration of a office tower’s security line, the sniping and car bombing of a shady duo meeting in Kirov Park, the scaling of a skyscraper to ice a man in his penthouse Jacuzzi and the execution of a cult leader’s physician in a private hospital. Each is spattered with a great many cold-blooded yet heart-warming moments.

Once experienced, you’ll always remember the tension of dragging the physician’s fat corpse across a massive, ornate waiting room in broad daylight in order to stuff it in a cupboard before the next patient’s appointment, or rigging a bomb under a man’s car so when you snipe the guy he’s talking to he runs to his own death rather than safety, or killing a man with an axe you got through a metal detector by setting off the fire alarms and pretending to be another nice fireman rushing to help.

Such moments provide both a feeling of deep seediness and - once you’ve strolled off all innocent-like, heart beating crazily, fighting the urge to run - somehow really satisfyingly neat and tidy. Kill only the target, creating no witnesses or alarms and the sense of power is far greater than if you slaughter your way through with a Kalashnikov. That’s part of the genius.


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