White Knight Chronicles II Unlockables

  • White Knight Chronicles 2 Trophies

    Entry location: Trophy List
    Anura's Ruby (Silver)
    Complete 300 binds

    Bronze Medal (Silver)
    Reached Guildrank 2

    Bronze Plaque (Bronze)
    Proof of completing 1 monster-slaying quest

    Bronze Satchel (Bronze)
    Spend a total of 100,000 G

    Bronze Star (Bronze)
    Learn 1 entire set of skills

    Gold Medal (Gold)
    Reacged Guildrank 30

    Gold Plaque (Gold)
    Proof of completing 40 monster-slaying quests

    Gold Satchel (Silver)
    Spend a total of 10,00,000 G

    Gold Star (Gold)
    Learn 8 entire sets of skills

    Hikari to Yami no Kakusei (Bronze)
    Finish the main story White Knight Chronicles 2

    Inishie no Kodou (Bronze)
    Finish the main story White Knight Chronicles 1

    Letter of Thanks (Bronze)
    Rid 1 person of their worries

    Mercenary's Badge (Bronze)
    Complete 1 quest with an S rank

    Perfectionist's Badge (Gold)
    Complete 100 quests with an S rank

    Phibianacci's Diamond (Gold)
    Complete 800 binds

    Platinum (Platinum)
    Got all trophies

    Professional's Badge (Silver)
    Complete 50 quests with an S rank

    Rare Collector (Silver)
    Collect 20 rare pieces of GR26 equipment

    Rare Dabbler (Bronze)
    Collect 1 rare piece of GR26 equipment

    Rare Maniac (Gold)
    Collect 50 rare pieces of GR26 equipment

    Royal Certificate of Apprecation (Gold)
    Rid 150 people of their worries

    Silver Medal (Silver)
    Reached Guildrank 17

    Silver Plaque (Silver)
    Proof of completing 20 monster-slaying quests

    Soul of Evil (Gold)
    Finish upper floor boss of Veruganda

    Toadstone (Bronze)
    Complete 1 bind
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Available Platforms: PS3
Genre: Role Playing
Published by: D3Publisher of America
Developed by: Level-5
ESRB Rating:
Teen: Partial Nudity, Suggestive Themes, Use of Alcohol, Violence, Mild Language
PEGI Rating:
Rating Pending


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