When videogames go emo

Gears Of War  

Why does no-one ever get excited about saving the world any more? There can’t be many cooler jobs than being the saviour of every man, woman and child on the planet. It used to be an act carried out with pride and a flourish, but now it seems like a hinderance at best and more likely a grim, soul-grinding chore.

It’s probably because these days the world only ever seems to be saved by abused, put-upon, grim-faced old bastards with less sense of humour than a rotten grapefruit and all the charming social graces of herpes. Why can’t the planet’s benefactor ever be someone who’s… well, nice? Or someone who (shock!) actually seems excited by the idea?

And do we need every screen of every location of every game to emphasise how seriously serious the mission is by using only serious colours like brown and grey?

Guess what? Bad things happen in colourful places too!

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