Weinstein brothers planning TV series for Sin City and The Mist

Set to adapt two former Miramax properties

Harvey Weinstein has revealed plans to branch out into television during an interview with the New York Times , listing two former Miramax properties as candidates for the TV treatment.

The Weinsteins are apparently plotting to bring both Sin City and The Mist to the small screen, with the former set to “quickly follow” the 2014 release of Sin City: A Dame To Die For .

How exactly the series will fit in with the two films remains to be seen, but Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller are both thought to be involved in the show’s development.

Meanwhile, Frank Darabont has also been tapped to assist with converting his film of The Mist into a ten-part miniseries. Whether or not that ending is softened up for a TV audience will be intriguing…

“The way to add stability to the company is to be in the television business,” says Weinstein in the interview. Proof if proof were needed that the entertainment landscape is changing…