Watchmen Director’s Cut DVD will be 25 mins longer

If you watched the Watchmen credits roll while thinking, “I really wanted to watch more of those Watchmen, I wonder when the extra footage Zack Snyder promised will arrive”, prepare to get your answer.

A new, director’s cut of the movie is arriving Stateside on DVD and Blu-Ray on 21st July, which will feature an additional 25 minutes of footage, including Hollis Mason’s death and lots more Rorschach.

But while the special edition DVD and Blu-Ray will come stacked with features, it seems we’ll have to wait a while longer for the complete cut that Snyder has been promising.

Those who want to see Snyder’s master version – with Tales From The Black Freighter anime footage edited into a complete cut of the film itself – will have to wait a while longer, since the director has said that it won’t arrive until later this year or early the next.

Oh, and those on a budget might be interested in the extras-free theatrical cut.

Meanwhile, why don’t you comfort yourself with the knowledge that the Blu-Ray disc at least has some Facebook gadget that allows you to connect with friends and run screenings. Or something. We’re not sure we care.

Meanwhile, back to counting the minutes until the huge, footage stocked final cut…

[Source: The Hot Blog ]

Which version of Watchmen on DVD will you buy? Would you really buy all of them?


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