Warioware: Touched! Easter Eggs

  • Ashley's Secret Message

    To hear Ashley's secret message you must have the Turntable toy. Choose on the Turntable toy Ashley's theme. Play the theme and spin the tape fast to the right (with your stylus of finger). If you have spinned it long enough you hear Ashley's voice saying: "I bring kids to hell."
    Submitted by Chameleon
  • Mona Pizza theme

    If you have Wario Ware: Twisted! In the GBA portion of your DS and Wario Ware: Touched! In the DS, The UFO drops a thing titled Mona Pizza. It's a music video you may recgonize from Twisted.
    Submitted by Pokebum
  • Extra Coins

    In the microgame where you have to get coins out of "?" Boxes, after you see Mario onscreen tap him multiple times. He'll give you "extra coins" in Gameplay...
    Submitted by Kody

Warioware: Touched! Hints

  • Get Two Gold Crowns

    Make a flower appear for every game.
    Submitted by d.s
  • Golden crowns for a character

    When you choose a micro game and read the description on top, it will tell you how many points you need to pass it, if you pass a game a red rose will appear on the top right corner. If you pass all micro games for a character, that character will have a gold crown on its head.
    Submitted by cloud strife
  • Faster Action

    You can just use two pens and it will go alot faster, but make sure there is only one pen touching at a time--the touch-screen can't feel two pens at once.
    Submitted by Kai

Warioware: Touched! Unlockables

  • Submitted by brittney
  • Unlockable:Pyoro T Mini game

    Unlock every mini-game to unlock the Pyoro T mini-game.
    Submitted by alvin rodriguez
  • Extra Souvenirs

    When you beat a micro-set(Wario, Mona, Mic) play it again and get at least 30 score to get an extra souvenir into your piggy bank.
    Submitted by thecrazyguy
  • Characters

    Here's how to unlock each of the characters
    Unlockable How to Unlock
    9 volts Beat James T's micro games
    Ashley beat Jamie T's micro games
    Dr. Crygor Beat Jamie T's micro games
    James T beat Dr. crygor Ashley Kat and ana's micro games
    Jamie T beat jimmy T's micro games
    Jimmy T beat wario's micro games
    Kat and Ana Beat Jamie T.'s micro games
    Mike Beat James T's micro games
    Mona beat wario's micro games
    Wario already there
    Warioman(First time he'll transform by himself) Beat mike and 9 volt's micro games
    Submitted by cloud strife
  • Unlock Gnarly Mix

    Score 15 points or more on Hardcore Mix
    Submitted by cloud strife

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