WarioWare: Smooth Moves review

  • Furiously fast gaming
  • Gets you moving
  • Classic Nintendo shout-outs
  • Waiting for multiplayer
  • A few control hiccups
  • Short-lived solo play

The Wii is already bloated with party games, but there's a good chance the frenetic pace and schizophrenic style of WarioWare: Smooth Moves will topple them all. Using only the remote (called the Form Baton here), you'll engage in 200-plus ultra-fast minigames that range from clipping fingernails to balancing on a ball to whacking the thieving arm of a dodgy old man. Each lasts mere seconds, and then it's off to the next with barely any time to catch your breath. It's fast, it's fun and most importantly, it charges the room with an energy few other titles can muster. Basically, when you've got two girls saying "Oh my God could this get any cuter?" and that's followed by "It just did!" you've got a multiplayer winner.

As a series, WarioWare has always been about slapping you in the face with incessant minigames. What makes Smooth Moves the best yet is its expert use of the remote - before each minigame, you're shown a way to hold the remote for maximum efficiency. For example, "The Janitor" is a form where you hold the remote vertically like a broom and swish it side to side. "The Boxer" has you holding the wand in an outstretched arm, ready to strike at a moment's notice. Some of the strangest ones, like "The Mohawk," "The Elephant" and "The Samurai" practically force you to get off the damn couch and act out nutty movements in front of the whole room. And trust us, you'll want to play this game with friends.

Smooth Moves nails the motion controls for the most part, but we definitely had our share of janky moments. Simple forms like "The Remote Control" should be impossible to screw up, yet we'd be pointing at the screen, flailing in every which way, only to watch the Mission: Impossible-style bomb timer run out. One game in particular, where you balance a broom in your hand, simply refused to work. We switched TVs and all was well, but expect a few foul-ups that are not your fault.

Anybody can think up a boatload in minigames and cram 'em onto a disc, but WarioWare's bizarre sense of humor puts it in a class of its own. Learning new remote stances is one of the coolest aspects of the game, simply due to the suave, romantic voiceover that accompanies each new method. Before you can use "The Discard," you have to listen to the game's sweet-talking narrator. Great, crazy stuff.

Aside from the "main" game, there are a few arcade-style games to grab your attention. They're just as simple as the minigames, but focus on one style of play - bouncing a ping pong ball up a tower, shooting cans off a fence and balancing falling blocks on a plate can all be unlocked for a little extra twitch gaming.

The various stories that tie all these minigames together are worth a mention as well - the "cutest moment ever" we mentioned earlier was a group of disco dancing cats. It could, in fact, be one of the cutest things we've ever seen. These plotlines are pointless diversions, but what the hell, that's basically what the entire game is.

Multiplayer modes in Smooth Moves simply tack on rules to the already chaotic minigames. There's a random elimination mode, a hot potato "toss the remote around" theme and an all-out minigame battle, but you have to play through a ton of single-player game to unlock the multi feature. Strange, no? You'd think a party game would make group gaming a little easier. Going solo will end fast (maybe a couple of hours), but grab up to 12 people and you've got the definite Wii party experience.

More Info

Release date: Jan 15 2007 - Wii (US)
Available Platforms: Wii
Genre: Family
Published by: Nintendo
Developed by: Nintendo
ESRB Rating:
Everyone 10+: Crude Humor

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  • WillisTron - April 23, 2010 9:01 p.m.

    You guys confuse me. In the article about Nintendo's achievements in the decade or something like that you guys said this game was 'crap' - yet it got an 8? I love gamesradar and I'll always read it but I see a lot of inconsistency with you guys. (Another example being how MW2 gets praised by you guys and a perfect 10, yet recent in articles you guys trash it all the time) I loved Smooth Moves btw

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