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Wario Land 2 Cheats, Codes & Guides

Wario Land 2 Cheats

  • Flag D.D. Bonus Game

    Complete 100% status of the game with all puzzle pieces,all treasure,and all stages cleared.The bonus game is now playable.
    Submitted by ToCk
  • Instant Reset

    During gameplay press A,B,Start,and Select.You will lose your save point but will keep all coins and other items.
    Submitted by ToCk
  • Level Skip

    To skip a few levels at the beginning of the game when Wario is asleep just stay in bed!
    Submitted by Steven Boyd
  • Deafeat the evil princess

    To beat the last boss, when she throws down a spike man, jump on him and pick nhim up,then hold up on the control pad, and then throw him . do this three times avoiding the fire ,then she will trow bombs ,CATCH the bombs BEFORE tey hit the ground. throw the bombs at the risin fire,it may hit her,do this three times to deafeat her.
    Submitted by Brandon

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Available Platforms: GBA