Warhammer: Mark of Chaos


Trolls are enormous creatures - very strong - but also rather stupid. There are many different kinds because, like greenskins, Trolls belong to various tribes and vary a great deal in appearance. However, it is fair to say that they are universally big, ugly, hungry and best avoided wherever possible.

All types of Trolls are rightly feared because of their unthinking ferocity and indiscriminate appetite. They will eat anything they can find including flesh and bone, wood, rocks, bits of metal and even sprouts! The digestive juices of Trolls are prized by alchemists as the most corrosive substance known to science.

The other unusual characteristics of Trolls is that if their flesh is damaged it regrows almost immediately, including claws, hands, feet, even entire limbs. To kill a Troll it is necessary to either inflict a massive amount of damage or to burn it altogether to prevent it from regenerating. Fire is the second greatest ally of the Troll fighter - the Troll’s own stupidity being the first.


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