Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - Dark Crusade

GR: What are some of your favorite unorthodox techniques?

Stephan: As a Necron player, my favorite unorthodox technique would be cutting off important chokepoints of the map with turrets. By doing this, it is easy for me to capture strategic points near these locations, and when enemy troops start attacking that location, I can simply teleport my Necron Warriors to the nearest Listening Post, or deep strike Flayed Ones near the turrets. Capturing points early on is not a necessity for Necrons, but by capturing these key locations, it is possible to damage the opponent's economy greatly.

Josh: My preferred unorthodox technique is base-trading - in other words, attacking your opponent's base instead of attacking his army. An art in itself, calculating the rate of your own base loss versus the damage you can inflict on an enemy's base is vitally important. While his troops might be suited to combating yours, in some situations yours are much more effective in base destruction. In this case, it can be convenient to spot an incoming attack, only to use the opportunity to avoid them and start hammering his key structures instead - before he's done any real damage to yours.


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