Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - Dark Crusade

GR: Now that we know the Tau is more of a "finesse" race to play, what faction would you recommend for beginners in order to get started?

Stephan: Certain units like the Tau Stealth Suits definitely require finesse, but I don't really see any reason why Tau would be much harder to learn at the beginning compared to the other races. It's true that most Tau units are more fragile than that of the other races, but because of the long range and high firepower, they are not more difficult to play.

Josh: Different races demand different sets of skill requirements. Tau might be a little unfriendly because they are low in HP and fragile overall, but all of the other races can be good starters depending on your gaming personality. If you're familiar with a lot of micromanagement, the Eldar may be a good choice. Orks will teach you the essentials of a good economy. Chaos will offer strong units with simple instructions/strategies. Space Marines and Imperial Guard will generally reward defensive and strategic players. Necrons are in their own class, but I'll use them to say above all, pick a race you enjoy and it should be more than doable.


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