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Wargasm Cheats

  • cheat menu

    Go to the war web and choose a map. Pick any scenario and choose any arm structure. Now allow game to load and when you choose which position on map to deploy forces, type in this code (no spaces) "40hourweeks" press enter. Exit to main menu (yes main menu) and go to options, then click on "detail". You should see the cheat active button with a red "X". Click on button to make it a green check mark, and go kill 'em!
    Submitted by Sparky
  • Level Passwords

    1 CHEESE
    2 TOAST
    4 KEBAB
    Submitted by Sparky
  • Play as the enemy

    First,You must activate the in game cheat(Inf ammo and invincibility) Then, after activating the cheat, press [Shift} and [K] at the same time at the map screen.
    Submitted by Sparky

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